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  • Its me 247

    Posted 01/20/15

    Important changes If you are signing into Its Me 247 ( home banking) for the first time, your username is your account number and your password is the last four of your social security number. Once you accept the online agreement, you will be prompted to change both username and password. Please read the information […]

  • Get your FREE credit report!

    Posted 01/13/14

    Prevent Identity theft and check your credit report for FREE once a year.   www.annualcreditreport.com    

  • Member Discounts

    Posted 05/13/13

    Check out these great nationwide discounts offered to Credit Union Members. http://www.wicu.org/contact/you-are-leaving-wicu-org/?url=http://www.lovemycreditunion.org

  • Wiring Instructions

    Posted 07/27/12

    To wire Money into a members account at WICU. Members are to instruct the sending¬†Financial Institution to: Wire funds thru the FED ( Federal Reserve Bank) To: Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union, Warrenville IL ABA: 271987635 For Credit: Western Illinois Credit Union Routing: 271192310 Final Credit: Members name and account number    

  • How do you know if your debit card is actually compromised?

    Posted 09/27/11

    How do you know if your debit card is actually compromised? We are often asked how can you tell if a fraud call is real or fake? One of the most important ways is to NEVER give your debit card number to the person calling, they would have this information already. All the person on […]