Debit Card Safety

Visa credit cards are offered at WICU in Macomb, IL

How do you know if your debit card is actually compromised?

We are often asked how can you tell if a fraud call is real or fake? One of the most important ways is to NEVER give your debit card number to the person calling, they would have this information already. All the person on the phone would be wanting to do is verify transactions that have happened on your card, a simple yes or no will do.

If you do receive a call it is also very important to acknowledge it. What if your card does have fraud? Just remember that if you are asked for your debit card numbers in any way ( they could want last four digits of the card,  or the numbers on the back of the card) it is probably not valid.

If you have any doubt please feel free to call your financial institution. Western Illinois Credit Union can be reached at 309.298.2986